Leisa Wharington

For over 25 years, Leisa worked from her studio in Merricks North. It evolved into an open, creative space for jewelers and painters alike, where an annual market was held to bring people together in a beautiful, creative setting. Now, she and Julie are carrying that same idea over to the new Studio & Co. in Hastings.

Although Leisa’s environment has changed, her work and creativity has not. The countless colours, shapes, and ideas in her natural surroundings feed her with inspiration everyday, and the glassblowing process continues to amaze her.

Leisa designs her glass to be adaptable for both modern and traditional settings, without compromising the artwork for mass production or outsourcing. Because her pieces are handmade and never manufactured in a factory, mould, or jig, no two will ever look the same — making every Leisa Wharington creation a unique treasure.

“Seeing something transform from grains of sand to a physical thing, just by adding heat — it’s not like anything else.”